The 13th China International Gallery Exposition
September 28 – October 1, 2017  Preview: September 27
National Agriculture Exhibition Center,Exhibition Hall 11, Beijing
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CAE Media
The 10th China International Gallery Exposition

        In 2004, CAE Media started CIGE (China International Gallery Exposition) which became the first international fair for the contemporary arts that lives up to global standards. Having already hosted nine successful expositions in the past, CIGE was one of the first into the market and became a pioneer in the Asian contemporary art industry and has already established itself as one of the most influential art fairs in the region. 2014 marks CIGE’s 10th year, and in commemoration of ten years of success, we are dedicated to making this year even more special. The 10th China International Gallery Exposition (CIGE 2014) will be held on 2014 October 10th – 13th (VIP Preview: October 9th 5:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.) at the Beijing National Convention Center Exhibition Halls 1 & 2.

        In these ten years, we have aligned with providing quality service to the broad masses of art galleries and art lovers. We aim to provide a first-class exhibition environment. This year will be CIGE’s first time to be held at the Beijing National Convention Center. The National Convention Center, beautifully constructed, has an area of 530,000 square meters, completely equipped with the most advanced facilities, and is the biggest and newest convention center in China. The use of this new facility will provide the expo with a world class venue to awe exhibitors and visitors alike. For this year’s VIP participants CIGE has cooperated with many art institutions to create a different form, style, and stunning debut which will contribute to a better experience for art collectors.

       This year’s exhibition taking place at the Beijing National Convention Center is made possible by strategic cooperation with Artron.Net. Artron.Net is an internationally acclaimed website that serves as a professional platform for communication among the largest group of Chinese art investors. CIGE 2014 has many co-organizers, but Artron.Net has played the largest role in invigorating this year’s exposition. One of the goals of this year’s exposition is to promote the development of Chinese Ink Art and Artron.Net’s “Recommended Ink Art Page” which focuses on the new interpretation of the traditional ethnic art form. This art catalogue will endorse this highly diversified style of Ink Art to be nationally and internationally acclaimed. Relying on Artron’s existing art industry database and data analysis capabilities, CIGE 2014 will present the “Artron Gallery’s Top 10 Most Popular Artists Yellow Pages Exhibition.”

       Assisting and helping to cultivate young artists has been a long-term effort for CIGE, and it will show its new methods of promoting the these emerging artists. This year the “Young Artist Project” will be receiving more support and be a bigger event to help the artists’ development. There are plans for multiple exhibitions with relation to promoting young works: “Well-Known Artist Nomination Exhibition,” “The Young Artist Exhibition,” and the “AAC Award-Winning Young Artists Exhibition.” These exhibitions are to help the younger artists get better exposure in this growing industry.

       CIGE is especially endorsing the “Well-Known Artist Nomination Exhibition” in order to explore the potential of the young artists and present them to the public in a professional setting. Nine well-known artists, using their superior artistic vision, have each hand-picked and nominated one young, emerging artist to present in this small exhibition. This year the well-established artists to serve as mentors are: Fang Lijun, Mao Yan, Sui Jianguo, Wang Guangyi, Wang Xingwei, Xu Bing, Zhan Wang, Zhang Xiaogang and Ceng Fanzhi. The young artists that have been nominated are as listed: Gao Bo, Zhang Ying, Song Jianshu, Wang Junyi, Xu Xiaoguo, Zhang Wenchao, Zhu Liye, Li Qing, and Song Yige. With the utmost respect and gratitude for these established artists participation, we are also anticipating the revealing of the works of the nominated young artists.

       This year in order to allow the majority of the audience to get a clearer look at the complete picture of the exposition and have a better personal experience to learn about the exhibition processes the exposition will be divided into three zones:

Zone A, Zone B and Zone C.

Zone A will feature 77 booths with an emphasis on art from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Europe and North America. Zone B will be divided into four different smaller segments: Individual Artist Exhibitions, “Well-Known Artist Nomination Exhibition,” “AAC Award-Winning Young Artists Exhibition,” and the “Artron Gallery’s Top 10 Most Popular Artists Yellow Pages Exhibition.” Zone C will feature a total of 44 booths all dedicated to contemporary ink art exhibitions.

       CIGE knows that art goes beyond national borders; it goes beyond its universal value. Relying on its deep artistic resources and experience, CIGE has always promoted aesthetics education and will server as a medium for its popularization.  In 2014, the four-day long expo will host a variety of different activities including: salons, lectures, discussions in varying forms, and a multiple-dimension presentation about the current status of the Asian art industry and its development.

       Lastly, CIGE will continue to support charities using art as a communication channel to gain exposure for these charities. CIGE is committed to promoting arts and invigorating the art education institutions. Well-known stars and artists will work together to put together an art sale where all of the money will go to charity. Through the use of artistic method and language, this event will promote the development of charities across China.

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