The 13th China International Gallery Exposition
September 28 – October 1, 2017  Preview: September 27
National Agriculture Exhibition Center,Exhibition Hall 11, Beijing
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CIGE 2009 Review

The six edition of China International Gallery Exposition (CIGE 2009), which allowed collectors, art professionals and other art enthusiasts to enjoy the charm of art in five days period, reached a perfect end in April 19, 2009. It drew enormous attention from all circus of society. In despite of the shift of the globally financial recession, in the period of CIGE 2009, the turnover was still much higher than the expectation of the organizing committee and participant galleries. The number of visitors reached to 45,000. A inspirit news of Chinese contemporary art market was brought by the success of CIGE2009 in this spring.

Starting from VIP preview on April 15, more than 5,000 VIP guests including collectors, artists, critics, gallerists, celebrities and governors from all over the world attended CIGE 2009. Hundreds of well-known TV stations, Magazines, Newspapers, Radios and Websites, including CNN, CNBC, Reuters, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, China International Radios, Hunan TV,,, etc, progress the intensive interviews of CIGE 2009, and the preview cocktail party achieved an exceptionally grand occasion. CIGE 2009 successfully presented its confidence towards contemporary art market of China.

In the period of CIGE 2009, near every participated galleries reached a satisfaction turnover and many collectors discovered the art pieces that they admired. CIGE 2009 constant sensibility towards the up-rising art regions and hoping to present the overview of contemporary Asian art in order to help collectors and galleries achieve deep understanding to these new regions.

Furthermore, CIGE 2009 organized onsite art tours for visitors from banking circle, media and schools. The guided tours to Art District in Beijing has been organized for all VIPs, and the opening ceremonies and art related activities which organized by numbers of galleries, museums and other art institutions, enriched the peripheral activities during the period of CIGE 2009 to a great extent.

The success of CIGE 2009 enhances the confidence and energy of Chinese contemporary art filed in 2009, also has proved CIGE is one of the premier art fairs in Asia. The excellent result of CIGE shows that Chinese contemporary art will reveal its strong vital force in the year of 2009.

Art Galleries
During the five-days fair's duration, CIGE 2009 presented 84 galleries from 23 countries and regions.
In 2009 CIGE strengthens its relations in China, presented 23 outstanding art galleries from China mainland and 9 from China Taiwan. Solid ties and exclusive networks are established with neighboring Japan and Korea, which are represented at the art fair respectively with 7 and 12 galleries. South East Asia vibrant contemporary art scene also emerges as great protagonist at CIGE, with the participation of 7 galleries from Indonesia, 2 from the Philippines, 1 from Singapore, and 1 from India. In 2009 CIGE widens its artistic horizons through Asia and the Asia-Pacific Region. For the first time in the history of CIGE participating galleries are from Pakistan (1), Mongolia (1), and Australia (2). Facing the challenges and changes of the economical and political balance of our multipolar and interdependent world, CIGE would like to position itself as a dynamic and unique platform, open to contemporary artistic creations and visions from all over the world. For the first time in its history, CIGE presented art galleries from all the five continents (Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania). CIGE 2009 featured art galleries from Europe, Italy (3), Spain (3), Germany (3), England (1), Austria (1), and The United States of America (1), and showed galleries from Latin America (Cuba and Mexico), Middle East (Syria and Israel), and Africa (Kenya).The participation of art galleries from Syria and Kenya marked the first gallery presentation at CIGE of contemporary art from the Arab world and the African continent.

On the Second Floor of the China World Trade Center, MAPPING ASIA presents a selection of solo shows of contemporary artists from Asia. Mapping Asia Solo Projects are evaluated by an international Art Expert Committee of Major Museum Directors and Curators from USA and Europe, which acted as a Jury choosing and announcing the five most interesting solo shows in occasion of CIGE 2009 Opening Preview. The awarded artists are Xiao Bo (Platform China), Lee, Jin Ju (I M ART), He An (Tang Contemporary Art), Yuree Kensaku (100 Tonson Gallery) and Gede Mahendrayasa (Langgeng Gallery).

CIGE 2009 INTERNATIONAL SOLO SHOWS -also attracted a great attention of visitors. It presented the works of international artists, who have entered in direct contact with China, valuing the importance of intercultural experience as well as of the capacity of adaptability to the local environment, its bio diversity and cultural richness.

SUBLIMINALS 2009 are organized in collaboration with international governmental cultural centers, not-for-profit organizations and private foundations. The projects focused in particular on the activities of international artists who are currently based in Beijing or have entered in direct contact with China in the past. SUBLIMINALS examined the local environment in which we live and work and point out its cultural and bio diversity, presented the works of international artists as reaction to their direct contact and experiences in Beijing.

VIDEO LOOPS is one regular section of CIGE's special art projects, aims to present video, film and documentary screening programs by young as well as established artists, art initiatives and organizations. This year, CIGE collaborated with Medrar, the established art institution from middle east to present video touring program: Within the Region

CIGE 2009 Forum: INTERNATIONAL CURATORIAL EXPERIENCES WITH CONTEMPORARY ART IN ASIA was in collaborated with UCCA. The participants invited to the conference were directors and curators of major American and European museums and art institutions who have deep and long relations with contemporary art in Asia. All of them have extensively traveled around Asia and have organized in Europe and the USA renowned exhibitions showing contemporary artists from Asia. Starting from their personal experiences, perspectives, and those exhibitions on contemporary art in Asia organized by the invited international curators, the lectures examined and analyzed how contemporary art in Asia has been presented abroad in the recent years. The panelist were invited to bring their critical contributions and thoughts on the fundamental moments of the art praxis such as the relation between contemporary art and design, new media and traditional arts, performance and installation art.

After the successful collaboration with artist Yang Jun (Vitamin Creative Space) in 2008, this year CIGE invited Peng Hung Chih (Soka Art Center) and Yan Lei (Tang Contemporary Art) to host the public art projects.

This year CIGE enhanced the cooperation with various Embassies' culture center and non-for-profit institutions. CIGE established partnership with Boloni for the 2nd time, 9Dynasty of Boloni group designed and set the exclusive VIP lounge. French cognac Martell provided the beverage for the VIP preview party and VIP lounge. CIGE also thanks for the supports from following partners & sponsors: Bloomberg TV, ILLY Coffee, Contemporary Art Society, Modernsky, UCCA, Today museum Air Media Group and all partnered media.

CIGE 2009 Catalogues are published by CAE Media, on store since CIGE 2009's opening. Please visit CIGE website to know how to purchase the catalogues.
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