The 13th China International Gallery Exposition
September 28 C October 1, 2017  Preview: September 27
National Agriculture Exhibition Center,Exhibition Hall 11, Beijing
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CIGE 2015 Invitation Letter

The 11th China International Gallery Exposition
Invitation Letter

October is the best time of year in Beijing and the most vigorous time for art exhibitions with the highest number of visiting collectors, and it is when everyone comes together. Therefore, China International Gallery Exposition (CIGE) sincerely invites you to join us in the 11th annual event from October 8-11th, and we are fully prepared for your participation.

Where is it?
As a navigator and explorer in Asian professional gallery expos during the past 10 years, CIGE has become one of the top art expos in Asia. It is well known that Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and Shanghai Expo in 2010 have demonstrated the booming power of the Chinese economy. Furthermore, China has not only become the worlds second largest economy surpassing Japan, but also became the second largest art market in 2012. With no doubt, Beijing has always been important with regards to Asian culture and art, and it shows strong advantages even compared with Shanghai and Hong Kong. At the end of 2014, with a population of 30 million and 620 million tourist influx makes Beijing a real city of charm.
Beginning last year, CIGE has moved to the China National Convention Centre where is more international and equipped with superior infrastructure. The China National Convention Center is the largest conference center in Asia, surrounded with hotels, office buildings, restaurants and extensive facilities. Located right next to the Birds Nest (China National Stadium for the Olympics opening and closing ceremony) and the Water Cube (National Aquatics Center), the China National Convention Center has superior geographic position with world-class size and equipment.

Who will be together?
During the past 10 years, CIGE has invited nearly 1,000 galleries with over 100,000 visitors. After all the efforts in the past 10 years, we have established a group of collectors with the strongest international vision; especially the younger generations we worked hard to develop this year to make the whole platform high-level and international.
These collectors will be more interested in international art works more so than Chinese contemporary art. CIGE 2015 welcomes the most artistic valued and innovative modern and contemporary art works, while also encourages variable forms of art expression including photography, video, painting, contemporary ink painting, sculptures, mixed media, installations, etc.
For the first time, CIGE 2015 will launch a 50+50=100% model meaning 50 outstanding galleries from all over the world will be invited to Area A, while we will also work with galleries and art organizations to host solo exhibitions of 50 brilliant young and middle-aged artists at Area B. We believe this model will bring art expos all over Asia a brand new look through re-embodying Beijings significant advantage as Chinas culture and art center.

Since you are one of the galleries or organizations with the most artistic valued and innovative modern and contemporary art works, we will offer you free exhibition space with special collectors tours, media reports and onsite service as much as possible. With efforts in 10 years, CIGE 2015 hopes to meet you and serve you with sincerity.
Looking forward to being with you in October!


Ms. Hao Ning

Tel: 8610 5218 5188-827

Fax: 8610 5218 5199


CIGE 2015 Art Project
With the rise of China, a variety of culture perspectives and aesthetic contents regarding Chinese phenomenon have gradually become the primary focus of contemporary art development trend. Differ from Western way of thinking, CIGE 2015 will come up with its own point of view towards contemporary arts and stick to the mission of Building global vision based on local adaption, and develop itself to a significant platform for Chinese art internalization. 

1. Artists Nominate Artists (ANA)
Artists Nominate Artists (ANA) is dedicated in exploring young artists with high potential through a one-on-one format, which means each well-noted artist will nominate one young artist. After confirmation and approval by professional committee, an exhibition booth will be offered to nominated young artist.

2. Solo Exhibition of Young Artists
The first special art project launched by CIGE 2008 C Mapping Asia CSolo Exhibition of Young Artists has received positive and favorable feedback from the Chinese and Asian art markets. Meanwhile, developing and promoting young artists have become one of CIGEs primary concerns. The Solo Exhibition of Young Artists has given direction to the development of young artists after six years efforts. Works of cutting-edge young artists are presented in their solo exhibitions in the form of group artists solo exhibitions, and promoted through CIGE international platform in attempt to demonstrate the works of young artists and the future trend of Asian contemporary art.

Public Art Education Project
CIGE 2015 will organize themed events including salons, workshops and seminars during the exposition. Well-noted art collectors, curators, art agents as well as artists will be invited to share their personal and professional perspectives in various topics, such as Chinese ink painting, contemporary art, the livelihood and future development of young artists, collections and investments to present the ecosystem of current status of Asian contemporary art.

CIGE 2015 Media and Promotion
In 2015, CIGE will continue to provide an extensive branding operation model and platform for promoting galleries and artists and cooperate with media partners for special media coverage and feature stories. A combination of different media resources will be utilized for effective media reporting and advanced promotion in order to achieve high quality media coverage and a substantial payback.

CIGE 2015 VIP Program
CIGE 2015 will invite over 5,000 collectors, museum directors, art critics, artists, curators, government officials and social celebrities from all over the world to create opportunities for networking at the CIGE 2015 VIP Opening Ceremony and dinner. CIGE 2015 hopes to offer exciting and dynamic opportunities for all participating galleries, organizations and artists to set up better communication channels for guests with or within the art industry to strengthen cultural understanding and resources integration.  

Here, we are extending the utmost sincere invitation to all of the great galleries. CIGE 2015 looks forward to working with you to create an unprecedented art festival!

The 11th CIGE Organizing Committee
April, 2015

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